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Indications That You Need a New Website

»Posted by on Feb 17, 2020 in Website Design | 0 comments

When was your website created? Was it designed many years ago? Do your clients complain about a lot of 404 errors, outdated content, or poor user experience? Well, these might be indications that you need a new website for your business. 

The website of your company needs to be your strongest digital tool for telling your story, driving conversions or sales, and promoting services and products.  

If you don’t know if your site needs a new Irvin website design, here are a couple of indications that you should look out for.  

Your Website Is Not Obtaining Organic Traffic 

If you’ve been in business for a long time, you know that you’ll have a lot of chances for conversions if you’ve got a lot of traffic. 

Visitors to your website generate new opportunities to share your story, highlight your abilities, and engage. People cannot learn about your business, sign up for newsletters, or make those clicks to purchase if nobody is visiting your website.  

Keep in mind that mere content updates may not help you a lot if you have seen a constant drop in your organic search traffic. There may be a couple of underlying design and technical SEO problems that you can get rid of with a new business site. 

Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly 

For those who don’t know, Google loves websites that provide a fast experience for mobile users. Because of this, the algorithm of Google combines mobile-friendly websites with vicinity to the searcher when showing local results. This includes “when” and “where” queries that usually relate to entertainment, food, or shopping.  

It will be a poor user experience if you examine your website on a mobile device and it tries to fit onto a mobile screen, becomes broken, or the content falls apart. Of course, Google will notice this. If you want to view deeper your analytics of mobile visits, you can check at your Google Analytics data.  

Oftentimes, a redesign of your site is required to tackle a poor mobile experience.  

Your Website Is Not Fast Enough 

For searches on every single device, one ranking factor is speed. This is acknowledged by Google. Your visitors will not be going to wait 25 seconds for your website to load, whether they are on a smartphone or desktop. They will bounce back to the search results and pick another website. Of course, this is not good for your business.  

You can test your website using tools such as the PageSpeed Insights of Google or you can also look at your Google Analytics page timings data. You can fix a couple of issues using speed optimizations if a lot of pages are not performing well. It may be time to tackle the bigger picture if your entire site is suffering from slow load times.  

Your Site is Old 

It might be fun to look at old web designs. However, it is not good for your business. It is certainly time for a new website if your site does not offer the same level of client experience.  

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