SOMATIC SENSUAL HEALING  (offered as private sessions and trainings for men, women & couples)

​For the partner of someone who has trauma, sex can become confusing & draining. Especially in long-term relationships. With this program you develop the skills to collaborate in a sex life you both love.  If you are not currently in a partnership, you will be placed with a qualified surrogate who will work with you in your learning how to be a healer, with me as your facilitator.

In this 4 to 6 Part Training you and your partner will become empowered to help you find your wild primal, help heal your past sexual trauma, and ignite ongoing passion.

Deepen intimacy with your partner.

Be able to ask for what she wants.

Expand your experience of pleasure & appreciation of you.

You Will Receive From these Trainings:

New skills to be able to engage in the bedroom.

Gain greater awareness of sacred Eros.

Deepen the bond you have with your partner.

Support her in the sexual healing process without feeling drained.

Learn how to create safe sacred space.
Your training takes place in four to six in-depth, hands on sessions.

Be the Healer you were CALLED TO BE. Begin by filling out an INTAKE QUESTIONAIRE and share your completed doc with  

(Each partner must fill out their own and schedule individual phone intakes.  If you do not have a partner, a surrogate will be found for you!)

Are You Ready To:

Receive erotic awakening.

Learn how to receive.

Have your partner hold space for your sexual healing.

Fully open to your own energy and to your partner’s energy.

Learn how you can support your partner in awakening her sensuality.

My sessions follow 4 main courses

​ (all which have overlapping elements) 

  • God/Goddess Awakening through Couple Bonding (Intro to Tantric Rituals)
  •  this course is for those that want to learn how to bond with a goddess by being guided through Chakra based energy exercises, bathing ritual, learning sex magic, setting intentions for life and relationship, awakening the body through receiving divine touch, meditation, yoga
  • Sacred Kink Training
  • Somatic Sensual Healing
  • Multi-Hour/Long Term Tantric Life Coaching Course

Tantra, Life Coaching, Sacred Intimacy, Sacred Kink, Somatic Sensual Healing

Goddess Kaya Kwan Yin


Sacred KINK

and Therapeutic BDSM sessions


Bring me your shadow, your fears, your wounds, your DESIRE to be WHOLE. Therapy + Tantra +Kink= not your typical BDSM session. NEWBIES welcome!

thegoddess Kayak Kwan Yin is a Therapeutic Dominant and Tantric goddess who can use SACRED BDSM/KINK tools & rituals for some of the following::

Reclaiming and Healing the Inner Masculine/Feminine or Youngling Self

Working w/ Archetypes (soul retrieval)

Letting go of Shame or Guilt,

Transformation and Shadow Work

Ritual and Ceremony

Trance and Vision Quest


Healing or coming into wholeness, holiness, integrationa nd authenticity


Moving in and through the energy into awakening

Discovery, Uncovery and/or recovery of that which is lost, hidden, suppressed, rejected or denied

Working with consciousness, energy, sensation, impact, power & the chakra system to increase vitality and inner harmoney

Divine Dominance (Noble Leaderhsip)

Sacred Submssion/Service

Reweaving a new memory

Mentorship and guidance as you enter into the world of BDSM/Kink

Therapy + Tantra +Kink= NOT your typical BDSM session

the goddess adores subs who want things from this list

learning to chant Kirtan/invocation, using singing bowls, pop/country music playing/singing, driving/errands, cleaning, getting punished or blessed with a Divine phallic object, flogging, spanking, forced bi, feminization, cross dressing, martial arts/boxing, reiki, fitness/exercise domination, ritual/learning Tantra, medicine journeys/soul retrieval, performance art and video

NEWBIES WELCOME, however, only those that are truly willing to LOOK DEEPER at themselves will continue.  An intake questionaire will be sent to you.  A 90 minute hands off, clothed INTAKE SESSION must precede our session work.  This session is $200 and will assure the best outcome for our sessions together.  BEGIN YOUR intake form NOW.  Same day appointments possible.