• Ecstatic Awareness Institute                                           Triambika Ma Vive was my very first Tantrika mentor, her trainings are highly recommended 
  • TantraQuest                                                                    Shawn Roop is a Tantra practioner, facilitator, life coach and all around God!  San Diego, CA
  • Orgasmic Mastery Program: A Course For Men            Perhaps you'd rather learn ejaculation  techniques from someone with a penis?  Destin Gerek

                                                                                                  is the man who turned me on to the world of Tantra, check out his offerings!

  • REVIEW MY SERVICES                                                   All the reviews pasted below were from, you can find more recent reviews                                                                                                                       of mine on my  Google+ Business page                                                                                                       
  • WHAT IS A CHAKRA?                                                     Our bodies have 7 chakras, as well as our feet and hand chakras that direct energy, spirit and our                                                                                                              ability to heal
  • WHAT IS REIKI?                                                              I learned Reiki from Gail Thackaray, I can also employ ACUPRESSURE and EMOTIONAL FREEDOM                                                                                                   techniques such as TAPPING for healing sessions.  
  • PHOENIX GODDESS TEMPLE VS ARIZONA                 The Phoenix Goddess Temple under the direction of Priestess Tracy Elise were raided in 2011 and                                                                                                       she has been fighting as HER OWN defense lawyer in a trial that is currently underway to protect the
  •                                                                                                the sanctity of this healing work.  

Goddess Kaya Kwan Yin

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