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90 minutes   4万(¥40,000) + transportation  (time and cost of tickets)

2hrs  is the STANDARD 5万円 (¥50,000)

(2 hrs area suggested for the first time, because soul connections are slow like honey it can't be authentically done in less than 90 minutes)


(most of my local Japan/Asia clients opt for this because it offers a price break and lasting change cannot be expected in 1 session)

This coaching agreement involves weekly SKYPE sessions, write ups for you to comment and respond, suggested videos/homework to study before our next session together and typically an EVENT or EXCURSION (please budget for these expenses for us too)

related to the OUTCOME you wish to achieve.  

15 hours (and I don't really count the hours exactly...) = $2500 ($167 USD/hr) (¥283,844)

This course usually covers 1 month of working intensely together, but it has in the past been used with clients to cover ONE OVERNIGHT EXCURSION.  


​Since coming to Japan, I have been successfully doing skype/phone sessions via Niteflirt at $2.50/minute.  I am not doing phone sex, I am doing exactly what I do in person, or web coaching sessions if hired directly.  This is a great option for people who might be skeptical or on a budget.  An hour call outside of Niteflirt is a flat fee of $200 USD. (don't click the icon above, email me directly).


I must receive a deposit via PA.Y-PAL or wire transfer to my bank account.  I will not travel to you without receiving a deposit before our appointment.  I am happy to book hotels in my name given that you have paid me a deposit.  You can also meet me in person to make your session deposit.  In person deposit will add 5000JPY to cover my time to meet you.  A 15 minute coffee or tea date can be included in this meeting.  I do not "meet for coffee" without this fee.  Thank you for understanding and respecting my business.



The Goddess does not have specific sex acts in exchange for money. (aka prostitution or being a provider) Your session offering pays for my time and access to my array of learned tools from my 100+ hours of Tantra trainings taken in CA from 2013-present, my Masters of Education from UCLA, my Bachelors in Fine Art from UC Berkeley, various conferences and events that I have attended, as well as practical client practice as a Tantrika since 2013 and in the field of human sexuality professionally since 1999!  The only guarantee is authentic love and pleasure within the container of our session, if you are open minded to expanding your original definition of what that is.  If you NEED a guaranteed certain experience, a massage parlor, or an escort might be more appropriate for you, I am willing to help you find someone as a part of our coaching agreement.

The Goddess is not an escort, has never advertised as such (unless in places like TAG there is no other ad options).   I have ESCORTED my clients to sex and kink parties.  I usually DO NOT partner with these clients as they are trying to experience this world for the first time on their own in the most realistic light, as it is.  Having a lovecoach on site to support and hold space for them and suggest locations has been beneficial.   

The Goddess is not a trained or certified masseuse.  If your body requires specific techniques that require a trained massage therapist, not an energetic worker that channels sensual energy through your chakras, then you would want to contact a CMT or a physical therapist. 

The Goddess is not a certified psychologist or psychotherapist.  I AM A LIFE COACH.  I offer to hold space, be a model for difficult conversations you hope to have with someone, assistance in REACHING YOUR HIGHEST SELF, ACHIEVING BREAKTHROUGHS AND TRANSFORMATIONS.  IF ANY SEXUAL ACTIVITY OCCURS IN SESSIONS,  it is a choice that two consenting adults make in session, AND IT IS NOT TO BE OWED OR EXPECTED BECAUSE YOU HAVE PAID A DONATION OF ANY AMOUNT.  Our sessions are all about organic and rhythmic flow of energy....

Tantra sessions are about facilitating your healing.

 I facilitate healing.  I do healing work.  

The results depend upon you and how you show up

and dive in as much as they depend on my teachings and guidance.

 I open the door, and YOU walk through it.  

Q: But what’s so different about normal sex and Tantric sex? 

Nothing and everything. Normal sex is great, it feels good and allows us to connect deeply to who are with. It’s pleasurable, passionate and exciting. Tantric sex expands on more than just the pleasurable aspects of sex and takes it more to an intense and rich level. It merges spirituality and sexuality as one. It allows you to have profound experiences that are more on a constant basis. It heightens your awareness beyond the normal levels and enhances overall well-being. It takes pleasure to the new place. It offers extreme healing, deep integration and huge awakenings. The more one experiences Tantric sex, the more possibilities of releasing limitations that are decades old, maybe even centuries old. It provides an opportunity for core issues in our psychology to be eliminated so that we may be in our full God/Goddess state. Physically speaking, Tantric sex allows us to extend lovemaking and interpersonal connections. It’s a deeper way to communicate. The teachings go into detail about the benefits of surrendering and flowing your energy, relaxing your body, breathing and using sound while moving your body in sexual union while have greater awareness and non-judgment. It offers men and women greater possibility to become multi-orgasmic. It calls for greater intuition is a lover and releases us from limiting goals.                                      Shawn Roop,

Q: So should I expect for you to fuck my brains out by candlelight?  Is that what a Tantra session is?

I like to call these sessions something of a "Karate Kid" type of journey through erotic energy, intention and story.  I like to establish the core truths of what you would like to work on during our time together and then I create or move through spontaneous activities as a result of what we talk about.  My sessions are hands on and include body work, but they are not your typical "happy ending massage" session, and are not focused on intercourse or other physical sex acts.  The intention behind most of our activities is feeling and being.  We don't focus on coming because you are ALREADY THERE.  FOR THE AVERAGE MAN, it is a new, even insane concept.  Learn to be a superior man.  Or learn not to use your masculinity in ways that deflect what you REALLY want. (and it isn't just the intercourse or ejaculation).  Learn to harness your sexual energy, and not allow it to harness you. Energy exercises will teach you about releasing expectation and attachments. 

Goddess Kaya Kwan Yin