Would you like to experience DIVINE UNION with your PARTNER like never before?  Let me guide you and your partner through intimacy exercises that help to express our souls WITHOUT WORDS!  Sessions include eye gazing, learning couples yoga, learning about energy, 4 handed massage, learning to RECEIVE while GIVING, communication exercises and more.    

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies.  We will be focusing on moving energy through our 7 chakras and between each other.

 I am a visual and performing artist, a musician, and a writer. I create as naturally as I breathe.  This is what Tantric sex energy IS.  Creation Energy.  CREATIVE LIFE FORCE ENERGY.    I love to laugh, sing, play the guitar.  I am VERY attracted to YOUR creativity and collaboration for session ideas.  Bring your guitar, play me your music!  I am anxiously awaiting our creative muse session! I am a reflection of the passion that you bring in the room..

Your Life Coach

specializing in:

gender/sexual identity

sexuality exploration/coaching

(married early? ex Mormon?)


compulsive sex habits/addictions

(escorts? porn? Tinder?)

sexual abuse assault recovery

Sexual/Domestic/ Relationship violence/Codependency/Addiction/Drug Use

Herpes/HIV stigma  

(I am HSV1 (oral herpes+, practice difficult conversations with me, I am very experienced and knowledgeable)

post traumatic stress (PTSD)

spiritual guidance, shame (religious upbringing holding you back?)

WHAT are YOU creating in YOUR life? What would you LIKE to create in your life?

Every form of pleasure and even pain is a form of our healing.  CRYING is a form of orgasm from the eyes, for example.  So is LAUGHING.

Tantra is about the dark AND the light and our activities seek to integrate these into our sessions.  Life coaching and Tantric Sessions can teach you how to MAKE AMAZING LOVE with your inhibitions OFF and your MIND OPEN.  Prepare to feel orgasm with your clothes ON! This knowledge will be a game changer and will help you to become a better lover. 

 Understand breath and full body orgasms.  Be able to be in full control of your sex energy INSTEAD of having it control YOU.  RELEASE RESULTS BASED paradigms and feel pleasure, calm, safety, nurturing and relaxation about ALL OF IT.  RIGHT.  NOW.

Then...Learn to add that magic to what you already know and combine energetic awareness with the physical for NEW AWAKENINGS TO BLISS!


for Women

INTIMACY = Into Me See

How are you blocking LOVE in your life?  Are you currently moving through a divorce or separation?  Are you in a loveless or sexless marriage?  Have you longed to release childhood wounds so that they no longer affect your current dating life?

What is in the way of you experiencing the love all around you?  Are you ready to release the story of pain, regret, anger or would you rather continue to cover it up?

​Move negative story and emotion through your body, give yourself permission to process and feel emotion, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Release and allow yourself to trust your guides.  In my presence you are totally invited to BE safe being who you have LONGED to BE.  Creating rituals to rid our bodies of trauma, invoking goddess energy for fertility or prosperity available for women.  Allow yourself to go there!

Tantric Life Coaching sessions help to explore those blocks.  

How can you be more present to the LOVE now instead of being attached to pain from the past or the pain from what you feel could never be?

Using tantric techniques we will awaken your whole body's senses in new and often forgotten ways.  

The session aims to move us away from the limited realm of physical satisfaction and fantasy projection and explore and introduce you to the ENERGY of love, sex and LIFE.  

Have you felt increasing dissatisfaction from endless masturbating from porn even if the faces and clips are different every time?

Have you felt FRUSTRATED BY a LACK OF CONNECTION from a masseuse (therapeutic or sensual) or other providers (escort, stripper) and longed for something more?  

Have you felt FRUSTRATED BY A LACK OF moving to the next level even though you have worked with a psychotherapist on these issues before?  

While my work does not mean to replace any psychotherapy or counseling you are doing, it aims to work in adjunct to it along with other medications if you are using those, ideally.  Perhaps the issue you come in with, will actually NO LONGER BE AN ISSUE someday.  Anything is possible!

Using touch, loving and feeling your story within an intimate context may be just what you really need to truly release things.  

WHAT IS Tantra Tokyo?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means "weave and loom."  21st century Tantra is available to you in TOKYO or worldwide in private and group sessions!  It weaves and looms ALL THAT YOU ARE so you can awaken your BEST SELF and your HIGHEST TRUTH.  Life Coaching and Teaches weave together Tantra teachings and practical life coaching in a customized program designed especially for you!

for Groups

Goddess Kaya Kwan Yin

for Men

Tantric Life Coaching and Sacred Intimacy Services  Tantra Tokyo LOVE founded in 2016! (formerly Los Angeles)

YOUR LIFE COACH via WEBCAM & TRAVEL to clients throughout greater Japan and WORLDWIDE!

for Couples